Golden Grooming at Macy's

Golden Grooming at Macy's

Golden Grooming is *Finally* Available at Macy's 🙌🏾

Golden Grooming at Macys

THIS...IS...BIG! Beginning June 2, 2019, Golden Grooming Co.'s extensive product line will be available at select Macy's Stores.



Macy's  |  Twelve Oaks Mall  |  27550 Novi Road  |  Novi, MI 48377

Available Starting: June 2, 2019

 Macy's  |  Lenox Square  |  3393 Peachtree Road N.E. |  Atlanta, GA 30326

Available Starting: August 4, 2019

Here at Golden Grooming, we pride ourselves in creating natural, high-quality products for men of color. That means extreme moisture, intoxicating natural scents, and vitamin-packed ingredients proven to nourish your skin and hair.

 Now, purchase Golden Grooming at your convenience at select Macy's locations. Hopefully, you got a few Macy's gift cards because splurging is about to get really, really real.