Finding a natural itchy scalp and dandruff treatment is harder than it sounds, but we understand you want to stop the flakes without the use of harsh chemicals. Your scalp health is important, and we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with a 100% natural solution.

Made with rich, natural emollients that condition your hair and restore balance to your scalp, this will moisturize and remove flakes, giving you a healthy and flake-free scalp. Stop the scratching without using chemicals.

Our All-Natural Itchy Scalp and Dandruff Solution Uses:

  • Peppermint Oil: Keeps dandruff at bay and soothes your itchy scalp
  • Rose Water: Improves scalp circulation while reducing dandruff
  • Black Castor Oil: Strengthens hair while moisturizing your scalp and supplies valuable nutrients to your hair will improving blood flow to your scalp

You use this just like any other treatment. Massage into your scalp and hair and do this once or twice a week to remove the itch and dandruff. Feel free to buy just one bottle, or subscribe for a 25% discount, cancel anytime.