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Ingrown Hair/Razor Bump Tweezers

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  • We all hate razor bumps! They come from ingrown hairs growing into or under your skin. Most guys use tonics, creams, gels, and other stuff to try and fix razor bumps but none of those fix the true cause of the problem; which is the actual hair that's stuck under your skin.

    Razor Bumps

    These tweezers solve that problem and they work wonders! They have long pointed precision tips that make it easy to grab and remove ingrown hairs. Once the hair is removed from under the skin, the bump heals and goes away on its own.

    Help prevent and heal razor bumps with Golden Grooming Co's ingrown hair removal tweezers. Pick up a pair today!

  • 1. Use the tweezer point to gently work the hair out from under the skin

    2.  Once the ingrown springs out, grab it firmly at the root and pull gently in the direction of hair growth.


    P.S. I'm impatient, so I prefer to skip the 1st step and just grab the ingrown hair as close to the skin as I can then pull it out.