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The Golden Grooming Way

What happens when you mix high-quality grooming products with a high-value mission to empower our communities? Golden Grooming Co.! We use the best all-natural ingredients to create products that naturally work with your hair and skin, instead of against it. At Golden Grooming, we understand that looking good is only the beginning and has a domino effect on a man’s ability to feel good, live good, and do good. We’re not just a minority-owned grooming company, we’re in the business of empowerment— which is why 5% of all sales are donated to programs that foster entrepreneurship in youth from underserved communities as well as supporting HBCUs. This is The Golden Grooming Way...where every purchase has a purpose.





“I've been using the body balm/lotion for a while now. It works really well! I've been paying special attention to my elbows, upper body, and feet my problem areas. I swear, I put it on in the morning, and at night everything is still soft and smooth. Even my once crusty feet feel and look good! It has a clean, natural smell that lasts too. And knowing that it's all natural, without the long-worded ingredients of other products feels right.”



“They have a hit on their hands with that beard balm, I'm seeing results already.”



“I wasn't sure if I would like this body-wash, a friend told me about it. The packaging was very nice with an upscale look. And the body wash does what it says. It cleans good without making your skin dry. I like that it doesn't have all of the chemicals. I will buy it again.”

Natural. High Quality. Made For You.

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Golden Grooming: A Step Above the Rest

  Feature Golden Grooming Co.    Axe    Irish Spring Palmers Regional Brand A Regional Brand B  
  No sulfates  
  No petrochemicals  
  No artificial fragrance  
  Nourishes and helps heal skin  
  Gives 5% of sales to our community  
  Formulated specifically for Men of Color  

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